DSC02601CYou can’t do it alone. No matter how much insight you may gain from reading the Lectures, we have found that a partnership with another person who can help you see your faults and your beauty is essential. That person is the Pathwork Helper. While we all support each other in process groups, the helper-worker relationship is a one-on-one partnership. Generally, Pathworkers have sessions with helpers once a month. There is no set fee – helpers charge what they believe is fair and appropriate, and helpers in training give their services for free.

Pathwork helpers may or may not be trained therapists. Mental illness is often characterized by a refusal or inability to take responsibility for one's life -- for routine functioning as a productive person. The Pathwork rests on a foundation of having the willingness and capability to tackle one's personal problems. A trained therapist is the right person to tackle serious personality disorders or symptoms of mental illness.

What is a Pathwork Helper? Here's one description: What is a Helper by Elizabeth Mylonas

Our Pathwork Helpers

Laureen Dunne (New Jersey) Laureen Dunne is passionately involved in personal growth, human potential and spiritual transformation, and has developed and facilitated workshops and trainings in stress management, addictions, healing childhood issues, creating healthy relationships, and developing confidence and success. Since 1992, her deepest love has been for the Pathwork Lectures. She is a graduate of the New York Region Pathwork and a certified Pathwork© Helper. From 2008 to the present, Laureen has held the position of President of the Board of Directors of the New York Region Pathwork. She prefers sessions in person, but is open to phone sessions as well. Her hourly rate is $95 but she also offers a sliding scale appropriate to individual circumstances. You can reach her by phone at (609) 601-9001. She has extensive counseling experience in the field of hypnotherapy.

Jac Conaway

Jac Conaway (Phoenicia, NY area) A specialist in spirit/mind/body associations, I work on associating body language with thought processes and deeper existential issues. I have, at various times co-run training programs for psychotherapists in NY, Holland, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Ontario and Argentina. I have been an instructor in psychotherapy in various parts of Brazil. Presently developing student instruction in Brasilia, Brazil in the Rede Brasil Core Energetics Ltd which has about 100 psychotherapy students in various classes.

Lin Murphy (Upstate NY) Lin Murphy, MA is a Pathwork Helper. She completed her Helpership training in the NYRP in 1991.She has taught Pathwork Studies in Phoenicia, NY, Saratoga Springs, NY and Burlington, Vermont. Lin founded a holistic health center in Saratoga Springs, NY where she maintained a practice in coaching and Pathwork Helpership. She is a certified Life Coach, a yoga teacher and teaches “Conscious Aging." She works long distance by phone or Skype, and has an office as well. She has a sliding scale for sessions from $65 to $85 per session depending on income. She can be reached at 518-269-3333.
Camille Maxwell (Upstate - Albany Area)

Jan Rigsby Jan Rigsby (Brooklyn) Working in California, Australia, China, Japan, and Texas made me realize how many people want to this work yet have no practical access to regional centers or in-person sessions with Helpers. After I returned to the US, I began to develop long-distance learning programs using teleconference lines, video and audio recordings, and finally online video sessions and group meetings. I currently host free online meetings several times a week from my home in Brooklyn, NY. Study guides may be downloaded from or Online meeting formats are described on

Catherine Karas (California) Catherine Karas has been a Pathwork Helper since 1978. Additionally,  she is a Core Energetic therapist, a Barbara Brennan healer and teacher, as well as a LightBody teacher.  Educated at Columbia University, she earned a Master's degree in counseling and is a licensed mental health counselor as well as a licensed physical therapist.  She also graduated from the Center for Intentional Living where she received further psychotherapy training.  Currently, she is the president of the International Pathwork Foundation. Catherine lives in Laguna Woods, California with her husband of 38 years,  and is available to work in-person, by phone, or online. She offers a free 30 minute trial session. Mobile:  347-668-2843  email: