Membership & Donations


Membership in the New York Region Pathwork

Your contributions allow us to continue our monthly presentations at Shetler Studios, and subsidize our semi-annual weekends at the former Pathwork Center in Phoenicia, New York (now the Menla Center). Members can vote in our annual election for the members of our Board of Directors. Members also receive discounts on our weekends at the Menla Center.

The New York Region Pathwork has no administrative expenses, and pays no salaries or benefits to any administrator. We are a group of volunteers, dedicated to this wonderful Pathwork. Our only recurring expenses are minimal bank and transactions fees (such as for donations). We also pay a small amount to file our nonprofit tax forms. You can donate directly in any amount using the PayPal link at the right.

We encourage our friends in the New York - New Jersey - Connecticut area to become monthly members!

Become a $5 per month member (Angel)

Become a $8 per month member (Guardian Angel)

Become a $10 per month member (Archangel)