The Board of the New York Region Pathwork



Laureen DunnePresident of the Board of the NYRP

Laureen Dunne

For many years, Laureen has been involved in personal growth, human potential and spiritual transformation.  She has developed and facilitated workshops and training programs (mostly at the South Jersey Atlantic Coast) in the areas of stress management, addictions, resolution of childhood issues, confidence development and creating success.

Laureen has extensive counseling experience in the field of hypnotherapy.  She also teaches awareness of energy flow so that holistic wellness can be better understood.  Laureen is an ordained minister, a master clinical hypnotherapist and is board certified in Hypno-Anesthesiology.  She is also an hypnosis instructor teaching others hypnotherapy and is a lifetime member of The International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

Her deepest love is that of the Pathwork Lectures.  Instantly called to follow the teachings from 1991 forward, she enrolled in the New York Region Pathwork Studies Program and followed with the Helpership Development Program.  To date, she is currently Board President of the NYRP, and happily practicing her helpership.


Camille MaxwellSecretary-Treasurer of the NYRP

camilleCamille has served on the Board of the New York Region Pathwork since 2003. She has been Secretary-Treasurer of the New York Region Pathwork for six years. A speech pathologist, she has a practice in upstate New York, and is also a Pathwork helper. She graduated from the Pathwork Studies Program in 1997, and became a Helper in 2001. Camille's commitment to the Pathwork is evident in her continued willingness to do a difficult job without compensation. Along with Gay Danna, Camille has coordinated Pathwork Continuing Studies for the past five years.


Gay Danna, Member of the NYRP Board of Directors

Gay DannaGay Danna has been a Pathworker for more than 30 years. She has her own design and importing firm, and lives in New York City. She raised her two children in the awareness of the Pathwork teachings, and has served on the Board and as a Pathwork elder, a community member with longstanding commitment to the Pathwork who often gives advice and counsel.

Gay has a passionate concern for this Path and a tireless dedication that has made itself present over the years. Gay frequently presents Friday Night Guide Lectures in New York City.



Karl OakesMember of the NYRP Executive Committee


I read my first Pathwork Lecture in 1979, at a time when my life lacked a solid foundation. I was internally divided, between a cerebral, scientific, atheistic approach to life and an intuitive, spiritual awareness I was drawn to but afraid to trust. The first Lecture I read ("What Is The Path") seemed to remind me of something I had known eternally, and for that profound confirmation, I will always be grateful.

Twenty years later, I attended the Pathwork Transformation Program for two years. While I was subsequently involved in a weekly Lecture-based process group, and have had fruitful experiences with a chakra-based healing approach devised by Anodea Judith, I have done most of my process work more recently in the context of the Mankind Project (MKP). Apart from participating in weekly groups, I have also served as I-Group Coordinator in both New England and Upstate New York, as well as Chairman of the Board of MKP Upstate New York.

With respect to our efforts to regenerate the NYRP, I bring energy and intention from both MKP and Pathwork perspectives:

From MKP, I bring an appreciation for the sacred masculine, and a focus on applying the active principle with confidence and accountability, as well as a practical knowledge of how to create and maintain safe and authentic containers.

From the Pathwork, I bring a conviction that the Lectures are Truth, a sense of responsibility to serve the Plan of Salvation, and a humble appreciation for whatever role might organically unfold for me in the context of our communal efforts.  On a substantive level, while countless Lecture passages have inspired me, I am currently most animated by this from Lecture 75:

"The transition from self-centered isolation to the state of union with all is the most essential step on the evolutionary path of an individual spirit entity. … [I]t is of vital importance that you understand that the ultimate aim of your spiritual path is to make the transition from one state into another."

I see this transition as essential not only to my own personal happiness, but to the health and vibrancy of Pathwork communities.  On an outward level, I've advocated for attention to unitive consciousness in a series of YouTube videos entitled "Pathwork 2.0." On a internal level, I'm doing my best to learn true meditation, and to be mindful of my habit of shutting down connective energy in favor of false isolation.

I'm very hopeful about what we're creating now, and look forward to welcoming Pathworkers, new and old, into our growing circle.


Alan SalyMember of the NYRP Executive Committee

alansalyAlan Saly is a communications and media professional working in New York City. I have had a life-long association with the Pathwork community, beginning in childhood when my parents first started attending Guide lectures. The Pathwork perspective of personal responsibility, and of the utmost effort being necessary in the personal search for spiritual understanding is basic to my life.

It is a joy for me to be able to bring my gifts in the area of communications and writing to our Pathwork community as we attempt to realize our vision of a supportive community where all problems can be faced, not feared, and where the atmosphere is one of peace and joy through dealing with whatever comes up. Along with my friends on the Pathwork’s board of directors, we are focusing on serving this community and this Pathwork in a spirit of humility and service.